From Clients and Partners

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Jenn now on multiple strategic development projects and her professionalism is unparalleled. She has an ability to take very abstract concepts and turn them into tangible work products and roadmaps to success. 

Jenn’s real magic is her ability to build consensus – even with people who were initially on a different pages.

Jenn’s a winning partner that can help you deliver on a whole new level.

Lori Mazor

VP Administration, Hunter College

Jenn proved to be just the partner we needed to determine direction for our digital products. 

She is a strategic leader, both highly skilled and effective. Her approach allowed us to quickly move our entire organization into action and her leadership ensured the team’s success. 

Any company desiring to optimize its digital strategy and products would be wise to have Jenn on speed dial. We do.
Atul Kavthekar

CFO, Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy


Jenn’s one of those rare people who can quickly take control, determine what’s needed and do it.

I have worked with Jenn on multiple strategic development projects and she has never disappointed. I trust her judgement, decisions on tradeoffs, and ability to deliver the “right” product.

She is a terrific partner and has the rare ability to get things done!

Goli Sheikholeslami

CEO, Chicago Public Media


I’ve worked with Jenn to transform my business many times, often via emerging technologies.

Jenn’s specialty is quickly grasping business goals, turning them into realistic plans and compelling products.

I highly recommend Jenn, especially to anyone looking to master a new technology.

Ben Wolin

CEO, Everyday Health Inc.

National Geographic

When the mission is critical and the waters are new, it’s best to have an experienced navigator.

Jenn knows all the ins and outs of digital transformations. She quickly assessed our plan and provided a detailed roadmap to make the project even more successful.

Jenn helped us understand exactly what we needed to do and how to do it.

Whit Higgins

SVP Strategic Planning, National Geographic Partners


Jenn’s the type of strategic thinker you need when tackling the big questions on business strategy, products and service.

She brings the right questions and offers considered options, which makes it easier for me to make good decisions and feel confident there’s a comprehensive plan.

Jenn also distilled the strategy down into the presentation I used to pitch – and close – investors. Need I say more?!?

Helena Cawley

CEO & Founder, SweatStyle


Knowing Jenn is like having a secret weapon for solving the most complex digital problems.

As the head of Marketing & Communications Strategy for an asset management firm, I worked with Jenn to map and execute an intricate digital re-vamp and re-launch, integrating multiple systems simultaneously.

Jenn helped me keep our teams moving forward in lock-step. We hit (or exceeded) every goal we set.

Lisa Dorsey

Head of Institutional Marketing, Digital Marketing & PR, First Eagle Investment Management


It wasn’t just Jenn’s experience that paid off for us. She is a mentor to me and others at the organization.

During our collaboration, I became a better Product Manager. More focused on the goals, more aware of the details – just two of the many lessons I learned from Jenn.

While doing and executing, Jenn also leads and teaches.

Matthew Green

Director Digital Products, Chicago Public Media


I enjoy partnering with Jenn because she’s mastered three things that make projects successful – speed, communication and execution.

She takes action and executes the way few executives can, ensuring projects stay on track.

Any project will be more successful with Jenn at the helm.

Keith O’Neill

CEO, L4Digital


Jenn is a natural leader and creative thinker.

She’s organized, great at seeing the forrest and the trees, quick to understand and solve issues, and effective at communicating impact and decisions.

Jenn brings clear product vision, strong design sense, and creative solutions to UX challenges.

Overall, Jenn delivers exemplary products and is an awesome partner.

Lesley Marker

Principal, Marker Design

When it comes to reel recommendations, I am partial to: Bogdan 00s or 0s for salmon; Hardy Perfects for trout; and Fin-Nor Wedding Cakes for tarpon, bone-fish and permit. Tight lines! Jenn

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