Jumpstarting a Mobile Expansion


Everyday Health Inc. is the digital home to leading health and wellness brands including Everyday Health, Jillian Michaels, What to Expect and more.

Everyday Health wanted to quickly establish compelling mobile presences for their web-based brands and be able to grow them over time.

The first challenge was the number of brands Everyday Health manages. Each brand has a specific audience with specific needs. They each have a distinct look and feel, feature set and content that is key to their success. Collectively, they represent a variety of business models. Many have personalization that needed cross-platform support. 

The next challenge was that Everyday Health needed an internal mobile team to support and grow these brand apps over time.

The final challenge was timing – the goal was to have the first apps in market in 3 months, for the ever-important holiday season.



With Everyday Health’s CEO, DoubleHaul developed a multi-brand mobile strategy, implementation plan and budget.

DoubleHaul built and led the mobile team, providing product leadership:

  • Wrote requirements, spanning business models (ads, paid, subscription) and platforms (iOS, iPad, Android).
  • Formed partnerships with design (360Design) and dev (L4Digital) experts, while building the internal team and capabilities.
  • Designed custom UXs for each brand app, marrying the brands’ expertise with mobile best practices.
  • Planned and managed dev of custom configurable tools (video, interactive, social, community) to create scalable brand management.
  • Planned and managed dev of a mobile CMS to publish app content and code, integrating it with web systems for efficient cross-platform support.

The results: 17+ category leading apps were launched over 3-18 months.



Everyday Health, 
Calorie Counter, COPD Tracker, Daily Glow, Snack App, What to Expect Fertility Tracker, Pregnancy Tracker, Baby Tracker, Baby Names, Jillian Michaels, South Beach Diet, Joy Bauer, Denise Austin, and more


Digital Strategy     Product Mgmt     Monetization     UX Design
Multi-Channel Engagement     Mobile Dev     Partner Mgmt


Everyday Health, 
Calorie Counter, COPD Tracker, Daily Glow, The Snack App, What to Expect Fertility Tracker, What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker, What to Expect Baby Tracker, What to Expect Baby Names, Jillian Michaels, South Beach Diet, Joy Bauer, Denise Austin, and more


Digital Strategy
Product Management
Product Monetization
User Experience Design
Multi-Channel Engagement
Mobile Development
Partner Management

5 Year Results

Mobile Apps



DoubleHaul Digital | Everyday Health Inc | Jumpstarting a Mobile Expansion

Scalable Multi-Brand Management

The configurable tools:

Include trackers, video, social & community features

Support brand-specific design & user experiences

Enable different revenue models (ads, paid, subscription)

DoubleHaul Digital | Everyday Health Inc | Jumpstarting a Mobile Expansion

Efficient Multi-Platform Support

The custom mobile CMS:

Configures platform-specific elements & features

Auto-generates code for iOS & Android apps


Publishes content to all platforms simultaneously

Defined Multi-Brand Mobile Strategy, Budget & Execution Plan

Led Mobile Program to Deliver 17+ Category Leading Apps

Secured & Managed Expert Mobile Design & Dev Partners

Provided App Requirements, UX Design & Acceptance Testing

Established Internal Mobile Team, Processes & Capabilities


I’ve worked with Jenn to transform my business many times, often via emerging technologies.

Jenn’s specialty is quickly grasping business goals, turning them into realistic plans and compelling products.

I highly recommend Jenn, especially to anyone looking to master a new technology.

Ben Wolin

CEO, Everyday Health Inc.


I enjoy partnering with Jenn because she’s mastered three things that make projects successful – speed, communication and execution.

She takes action and executes the way few executives can, ensuring projects stay on track.

Any project will be more successful with Jenn at the helm.

Keith O’Neill

CEO, L4Digital