Polishing CUNY’s “Crown Jewel”


Best described by the Princeton Review: “The crown jewel of the CUNY system, Hunter College is an institution teeming with resources and endless opportunities.”

Hunter’s original goal was to make their online presence shine. Committed to student success, they wanted a modern, accessible and transformative digital experience. They preferred WordPress so the site would be easy for a distributed team to maintain.

When COVID-19 changed everything, the website became critical to Hunter’s ability to maintain operations and communicate with students, faculty and staff during the pandemic’s many uncertainties.


DoubleHaul created a strategy to polish Hunter’s online presence – and become an essential part of transitioning of 2.5K+ faculty and staff, and 23K+ students to online learning overnight.

DoubleHaul provided project and product leadership, including:

  • Provided architecture & migration plans for 10,000+ pages
  • Created branding & visual identity, editorial & design guidelines
  • Developed a modular WordPress theme for flexible content layouts
  • Designed promos for special events, registration and fundraising efforts
  • Launched COVID-19 site for school & fundraising communications
  • Established knowledge base with how-tos, best practices & training
  • Managed partners: Marker Design (design), Codiac (dev), Hutter (copy)


Digital Strategy     Product Mgmt     Monetization     UX Design     Web Dev     Partner Mgmt



Digital Strategy
Product Management
UX Design
Web Development
Partner Management

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Jenn now on multiple strategic development projects and her professionalism is unparalleled. She has an ability to take very abstract concepts and turn them into tangible work products and roadmaps to success. 

Jenn’s real magic is her ability to build consensus – even with people who were initially on a different pages.

Jenn’s a winning partner that can help you deliver on a whole new level.

Lori Mazor

VP Administration, Hunter College

Created Consistency With a Modular Custom WordPress Theme

Established a Modern, Accessible & Transformative Digital Experience

Hunter Homepage

Provided Critical Covid-Related Communications

Hunter COVID site