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Chicago Public Media is home to leading public radio station WBEZ 91.5FM and productions including: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Sound Opinions, This American Life, and Serial.

Linear radio broadcasts weren’t keeping up in a digital, on-demand, mobile world. The core drive-time audience was switching to streaming. New, digital native listeners had different needs and preferred podcasts.

Entering the digital world wouldn’t be easy. Existing solutions weren’t geared for public radio production, management, and monetization – in part due to multiple content providers with varying capabilities. Competition now included Apple, Pandora and iHeartRadio.

In short, public radio needed a timely and thoughtful digital evolution.


DoubleHaul created a strategy for a transformative digital public radio experience and the project plan and budget that secured project funding.

DoubleHaul provided project and product leadership, including:

  • Led the CPM team for all aspects of implementation through launch.
  • Detailed requirements for native apps, responsive website, CMS and tools.
  • Led UX, design and dev of the industry-leading radio/podcasting solution.
  • Managed partners: L4 Digital (dev), Marker Design (visual identity, design).
  • Collaborated with NPR and PMP on the first industry-shared content library.
  • Planned and executed the content strategy with the CPM editorial team.
  • Helped establish digital-first organization and processes for CPM team.

The resulting products, backend tools, expanded team and digital-first processes all position CPM to continue leading public radio and podcasting.


Digital Strategy     Product Mgmt     Monetization     UX Design
Multi-Channel Engagement     Web & Mobile Dev     Partner Mgmt



WBEZ iPhone & iPad App,  WBEZ Android & Tablet App


Digital Strategy
Product Management
UX Design
Multi-Channel Engagement
Web & Mobile Development
Partner Management


Jenn’s one of those rare people who can quickly take control, determine what’s needed and do it.

I have worked with Jenn on multiple strategic development projects and she has never disappointed. I trust her judgement, decisions on tradeoffs, and ability to deliver the “right” product.

She is a terrific partner and has the rare ability to get things done!

Goli Sheikholeslami

CEO, Chicago Public Media

DoubleHaul Digital | Chicago Public Media Project | Rethinking Public Radio

Rethinking Public Radio

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DoubleHaul Digital | Chicago Public Media Project | Leading a Digital Evolution

Leading a Digital Evolution

Fully Responsive Web Site

Native Apps For iOS, Android, Tablet

Custom CMS For Public Radio Needs


Industry-Shared Central Content Library

Digital-First Team & Processes

Created Transformative Public Radio Strategy & Products

Developed Plan & Budget Used to Secure Financing

Led Mobile Program of Public Radio, Design & Dev Experts

Led UX, Design & Dev of Apps & Responsive Website

Collaborated On Central Content Library For Industry-Wide Use

Helped Establish Digital-First Organization & Processes


It wasn’t just Jenn’s experience that paid off for us. She is a mentor to me and others at the organization.

During our collaboration, I became a better Product Manager. More focused on the goals, more aware of the details – just two of the many lessons I learned from Jenn.

While doing and executing, Jenn also leads and teaches.

Matthew Green

Director Digital Products, Chicago Public Media


Jenn is a natural leader and creative thinker.

She’s organized, great at seeing the forrest and the trees, quick to understand and solve issues, and effective at communicating impact and decisions.

Jenn brings clear product vision, strong design sense, and creative solutions to UX challenges.

Overall, Jenn delivers exemplary products and is an awesome partner.

Lesley Marker

Principal, Marker Design