• The technique employed by top anglers to maximize their fly casts.

  • The company employed by top executives to maximize their digital products and revenue.

When To Call DoubleHaul

DoubleHaul guides senior executives through their most complex strategic challenges and helps plot the best course of action. While we tackle many needs, some of them are more prevelent.




Data & AI




DoubleHaul helps you achieve tangible results that maximize your digital products and revenue.

Digital Strategy

Think expansively, act practically. Get fast, cutting-edge, executable plans that marry entrepreneurial thinking with the business savvy of an MIT MBA.

Business Planning

Modern business planning is quick and iterative. Starting with the right topics and asking the right questions, makes finding the right answers easier.

Product Management

Heart and soul go into every product. A business mind keeps goals clear. An entrepreneurial approach is creative, hands-on, fast, iterative and efficient.

Product Monetization

Your bottom line is top of mind. Fluent in ads, eCommerce, pay per view, subscriptions, and more. Mindful of measurement, you’ll know where you stand.

User Experience Design

Data-driven and customer-informed. All aspects of customer interaction with your company, products and services will be emotionally, visually and simply appealing.

Web & Mobile Development

This isn’t DoubleHaul’s first development rodeo. Working with your team or one custom assembled, products will be launched, not you.

Multi-Channel Engagement

Well-versed in the nuances of devices, email, social media and more; means appropriate, responsive and impactful brand experiences without borders.

Leadership & Execution

Inseparable concepts. Driven to deliver, it’s intuitive to distill a big vision into constituent parts, get buy-in, empower, communicate and remove roadblocks.

Collaboration & Communication

Two secret sauce ingredients. Listening, curiosity, directness, inclusiveness. A pinch of humor. Effectively adjusted for audience level and discipline.

Organizations & Operations

Comprehensive thinking includes the right teams and processes to support products and services. An orchestra performing, all members in concert.

Partner Management

Success often takes a village. A trusted network and a deep understanding of how to build rewarding relationships means you don’t have to go it alone.

Jenn Houser

Digital Strategist, Product Entrepreneur, Fly Fisher

Jenn is the founder of DoubleHaul, a product entrepreneur at heart who felt the lure of digital early on.

She’s got an MIT MBA and has built digital products for leading brands such as National Geographic, Chicago Public Media, Viacom, Time Inc, and more. She earned her stripes on the startup frontier, founding five companies and raising $40M+ from VCs and angels. Her last startup was acquired by HP Snapfish.

Through these experiences, Jenn learned how to build companies and products the “right” way – fast, efficient, iterative – and always with the goal of creating value for both the business and its customers. She’s collaborative by nature, and has developed a network of trusted partners who “get it”. She’s curious and feels nerdy-excited when solving problems and exploring new technologies.

An expert in digital strategy and product design, Jenn guides senior executives through complex digital situations and new technologies to create engaging consumer products that achieve business goals.

When she’s not in the virtual office, Jenn enjoys fly fishing off-the-grid as much as possible.

DoubleHaul has helped maximize digital goals for many companies

— large and small, category leaders and upstarts —

in industries including media, entertainment, health, fitness and finance.


Jenn is an expert at using data-driven insights and customer research findings to evolve products quickly, and at leveraging technologies such as matching algorithms and clinical AI to create better user experiences.

Jenn’s ability to envision products has caused a million light bulbs to go off for us, which has created the alignment we needed to move forward quickly and confidently.

Ed Liebowitz

EVP & Chief Product Officer, Solera Health

Everyday Health Inc

I’ve worked with Jenn to transform my business many times, often via emerging technologies.

Jenn’s specialty is quickly grasping business goals, turning them into realistic plans and compelling products.

I highly recommend Jenn, especially to anyone looking to master a new technology.

Ben Wolin

CEO, Everyday Health Inc.

Chicago Public Media

Jenn’s one of those rare people who can quickly take control, determine what’s needed and do it.

I have worked with Jenn on multiple strategic development projects and she has never disappointed. I trust her judgement, decisions on tradeoffs, and ability to deliver the “right” product.

She is a terrific partner and has the rare ability to get things done!

Goli Sheikholeslami

CEO, Chicago Public Media

Guiding Principles

These lessons learned have proven so invaluable; I carry them with me everywhere, including on my business cards.

DoubleHaul Guiding Principle: Thank you Mom and Dad, for helping make integrity a keystone of my character. Hard to measure but easy to define (with Google): Integrity (the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness) is integral (necessary to make a whole complete, essential or fundamental).
DoubleHaul Guiding Principle: This is a mash-up of some smart, agile thinking that’s all about getting good things in front of customers quickly, and iterating based on feedback. Resist the temptation to add lots of features and make things perfect upfront.
DoubleHaul Guiding Principle: Yes, a plan is imperative. The art is in planning just enough to agree on what’s needed, avoid big surprises (because no one likes them) and track progress over time. Things will change so have a way to amend plans and communicate updates. Rinse. Repeat.
DoubleHaul Guiding Principle: Great solutions also often require great creativity. Creativity isn’t easy. Making things simple and intuitive is very hard work. And it takes a lot of nerve to attempt the new. Don’t be afraid to go boldly.
DoubleHaul Guiding Principle: Great solutions require knowing target customers inside and out. Talk to them, observe them, and obsess about them. But don’t build features just because they’re cool - build them because they build your business. Having gone around the founder/owner block a few times, its now second nature to think about products and revenue hand in hand.
DoubleHaul Guiding Principle: A short, green, wise man had this right: attitude has a huge impact on outcome. Assume success is possible. It’s amazing what can be achieved, or inspired in others to achieve. Having a lightsaber is helpful, too (metaphorically speaking).
DoubleHaul Guiding Principle: Set definitive realistic goals, then prioritize ruthlessly and accordingly. Be super clear about the “why” something needs to be done. With that clarity, say “yes” to only what’s needed and “no” (or “not now”) to everything else.
DoubleHaul Guiding Principle: A lifetime of angling suggests (and more fishing is required to confirm) that it has more to do with the inspiring beauty of nature, and the calming focus brought by patience and observation. The mind clears and creativity floods in. Find and prioritize the things that recharge your soul this way.
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