Charting Project & Technical Success


Trusted and followed by a global audience, National Geographic is the iconic brand driven by a passionate belief in the power of science, exploration and visual storytelling to change the world.

National Geographic, in an effort to continually push beyond boundaries, created an inspiring and transformative digital product vision that combines content from the brand’s television, print and online channels.

The undertaking would be a bold new direction for the brand and its partners, requiring the organization to operate in new ways to deliver the exceptional experience.

As part of gearing up for this critical mission, the senior executives wanted to confirm the right course was set for success.


DoubleHaul guided the senior executives, providing a roadmap for success. The plan was informed by stakeholder interviews and best practices for complex implementations and organizational transformations.

DoubleHaul performed a comprehensive assessment, including:

  • Technical architecture, approach and extensibility
  • UX requirements and acceptance criteria review
  • Project management, schedule and risk management
  • Staffing, roles and responsibilities
  • Gaps, risks and recommendations

This plan helped National Geographic proceed with greater confidence.


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Digital Strategy
Product Management
Web & Mobile Development
Partner Management

Provided Roadmap For A Successful Digital Transformation

Conducted Comprehensive Project & Technical Assessment

Reviewed Technical Architecture, Approach & Extensibility

Reviewed Front End Requirements & Acceptance Criteria

Assessed Project Plan, Schedule & Risk Management

Recommended Staffing, Roles & Responsibilities

Recommended Best Practices To Acheive Project Goals

National Geographic

When the mission is critical and the waters are new, it’s best to have an experienced navigator.

Jenn knows all the ins and outs of digital transformations. She quickly assessed our plan and provided a detailed roadmap to make the project even more successful.

Jenn helped us understand exactly what we needed to do and how to do it. 

Whit Higgins

SVP Strategic Planning, National Geographic Partners