Prototyping Personalized Treatment Plans


This specialty hospital (confidential while the project is in development) is the US News and World Report category leader. 

As the top treatment specialists and experts in non-operative care, this specialty hospital wanted to develop a category-leading website for a pain condition that is the 2nd biggest driver of costs for health insurers in the US.

The goal was to demystify a confusing topic and help consumers learn more about conditions, diagnoses and treatments. 

The challenge was to create a digital triage equivalent of their proprietary methodology to provide sufferers with personalized treatment plans. 


Working with key hospital clinical and business executives, DoubleHaul provided the product vision and collaborated with Marker Design to:

  • Translate the proprietary methodology into a digital triage tool
  • Build a responsive web prototype showcasing key features
  • Create a clickable prototype of personalized treatment plans
  • Establish branding, visual identity and user personas
  • Incorporate market research findings into the offering

The prototype created stakeholder buy-in, provided invaluable user feedback and set the direction for development (currently in progress).


SITE: (Confidential!)


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Addressing One of the Most Prevalent Health Conditions in the US

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