Working Out Subscriptions With Apple


JillianMichaels.com is where America’s Toughest Trainer, Jillian Michaels, helps you lose weight with her workouts, exercises, recipes, videos, meal plans, community, support, success stories and results.

JillianMichaels.com wanted a mobile experience to complement their popular web-based personalized weight loss, diet and fitness subscription service.

Research showed that existing members expected their web account info to be available in the app too. New members signed up via the app expected their subscription would be available via the web. So it was clear that app subscriptions would have to be real-time synched with web subscriptions.

The challenge was iOS apps didn’t support cross-platform subscriptions – yet.


DoubleHaul worked with Apple, who was looking for premier brand partners to trial subscriptions, and the JM team to create a product vision for one of the first “freemium subscription” apps released in iTunes.

Registration, personalized features and content work seamlessly across iPhone, iPad and the website for all members. The free app offers daily tips, video exercises, recipes and podcasts. Upgrading to a paid subscription unlocks personalized exercise and meal plans, more content, and community support. In-app purchases add even more exercises and recipes.

DoubleHaul provided native app and integration requirements, led UX design and content prep, and secured and managed expert partners (L4 Digital for dev, 360Design for design) to build and launch the category-leading app.



Digital Strategy     Product Mgmt     Monetization     UX Design
Multi-Channel Engagement     Video     Mobile Dev     Partner Mgmt


Jillian Michaels Slim Down Solution (iPhone & iPad)



Digital Strategy
Product Management
UX Design
Multi-Channel Engagement
Video Products
Mobile Development
Partner Management

Created One Of The First Paid Subscription Apps In iTunes

Led Mobile Program To Deliver Fitness Category Leading App

Enabled Cross-Platform Registration & Use Of All Web Features

Designed In-App Purchases Of Additional Video Exercises

Secured & Managed Expert Mobile Design & Dev Partners

Provided App Requirements, UX Design & App Testing

DoubleHaul Digital | Jillian Micheals Project | Working Out Subscriptions with Apple

1st Subscription App in iTunes

Registration & Log-Ins Shared By Apps & Web

All Web Features & Content On iPhone & iPad


Free Daily Tips, Exercises, Recipes & Podcasts

Subscribe For Personalized Workouts & Meal Plans


In-App Purchases Of Additional Video Workouts

Access Community Support Across All Devices

Member Results

Pounds Lost


I’ve worked with Jenn to transform my business many times, often via emerging technologies.

Jenn’s specialty is quickly grasping business goals, turning them into realistic plans and compelling products.

I highly recommend Jenn, especially to anyone looking to master a new technology.

Ben Wolin

CEO, Everyday Health Inc. (parent of JillianMichaels.com)


I enjoy partnering with Jenn because she’s mastered three things that make projects successful – speed, communication and execution.

She takes action and executes the way few executives can, ensuring projects stay on track.

Any project will be more successful with Jenn at the helm.

Keith O’Neill

CEO, L4Digital

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