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Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy helps patients and providers with oral and injectable medications you can’t find at most drugstores.

Diplomat’s philosophy is “Take good care of patients and the rest falls into place.” They understand patients are overwhelmed with complex health conditions and all that goes into managing medications. They also know that providers want to get timely and accurate insights into a confusing insurance approval process and time sensitive deliveries.

As innovators for patient care, Diplomat offers clinical expertise with a personal touch. The challenge was to offer digital products that would compliment their personal approach to treatment education, financial assistance, insurance coordination and prescription management.


DoubleHaul created a strategy for a suite of digital portals that helped patients take control of their therapy and providers to access greatly simplified prescription management.

DoubleHaul provided project and product leadership, including:

  • Led the team for all aspects of planning and implementation to launch.
  • Secured executive and board buy-in for the digital strategy.
  • Detailed roadmaps and requirements for portals and backend integrations.
  • Led UX, design and dev of the patient and provider portals.
  • Managed partners: Marker Design (visual identity), 8th Day Software (dev).
  • Helped establish Diplomat’s data science practice, hire key leads and set the predictive roadmap.


Digital Strategy     Product Mgmt     Monetization     UX Design
Multi-Channel Engagement     Web & Mobile Dev     Partner Mgmt


Diplomat Patient Portal

Diplomat Provider Portal


Diplomat Patient Portal iPhone & iPad App

Diplomat Patient Portal Android & Tablet App


Digital Strategy
Product Management
UX Design
Multi-Channel Engagement
Web & Mobile Development
Partner Management

Jenn proved to be just the partner we needed to determine direction for our digital products. 

She is a strategic leader, both highly skilled and effective. Her approach allowed us to quickly move our entire organization into action and her leadership ensured the team’s success. 

Any company desiring to optimize its digital strategy and products would be wise to have Jenn on speed dial. We do.
Atul Kavthekar

CFO, Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy

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Patient Portal

Refill Prescriptions On Any Device, 24x7


Get Notifications On Prescription Progress

Manage & Track Order Delivery

Set Medication Reminders


Send Forms & Documents

Get Help From A Care Coordinator

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Provider Portal 

Access Patient Prescriptions & Clinical Info


Keep Patient & Prescription Data In Sync


Get Notifications On Prescription Progress

Review Patient Metrics & Reports


Send Forms & Documents

Get Help From A Diplomat Representative